At an average of 4,896 units daily, Mexico new light-vehicle sales totaled 127,297 in June, down 5.3% from the 5,168 sold daily a year ago when a benchmark 134,376 units reached consumers’ hands.

Second-best for June, last month’s tally was down 0.3% from the record 122,798 LVs sold in May at a daily rate of 4,912.

Although the country’s economic activity remained strong, with the manufacturing index up from that of the prior month, consumer confidence declined slightly after increasing for several months from the January low point.

Most analysts do not yet see signs of a prolonged dip in new LV sales, but they suggest fuel prices and the Mexican central bank’s inflation-fighting moves may have been largely responsible for the decline in the June consumer confidence index and lower LV sales.

Based on an average daily rate of 3,147, June car sales totaled a second-best 81,824 units, down 8.3% from the record 89,207 delivered a year earlier at 3,431 daily with both months having 26 selling days.

June car sales did, however, outpace by 2.6% the 2,948 units sold on each of 25 days the prior month, when a May record of 76,646 were delivered.

Light-truck sales set a June record at 45,473 units that represented a 0.7% increase from the prior peak of 45,169 a year ago, but fell short of the May tally by 5.3%.

Still, year-to-date LV deliveries through June were a record 742,081 units, an increase of 2.9% from the prior record of 721,007 set a year ago.