At an average of 4,692 units daily, Mexican dealers delivered 121,985 new light vehicles over 26 days in July, down 3.8% from the record 131,671 sold a year ago at a rate of 4,877 on each of 27 days.

The July decline was the result of a continued slump in new-car sales.

Dealers sold only 77,536 new cars in July, a decline of 10.1% from the record 89,527 units that found buyers in like-2016.

Although light-truck volume totaled a record 44,449 units, an 8.7% increase from prior-year’s July benchmark of 42,144 was not enough to offset the car-sales decline.

Three of the market’s top five automakers saw LV sales fall in July compared with year-ago, including 11.7% at leader Nissan, 18.7% at second-place General Motors and 1.7% at fourth-place Toyota.

Third-ranked Volkswagen/Audi, 1.4%, and fifth-place Fiat Chrysler, 16.8%, were the only two among the market leaders to report increases.

Year-to-date LV deliveries through July totaled a record 864066 units, 1.3% more than the prior high of 852,676 in like-2016.