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Alan writes about the auto industry in Australia and New Zealand, as well as other Asia/Pacific and emerging markets.

Chip Maker Says It Has Harmonized V2X Systems 
Autotalks is launching what it calls the first global V2X solution, a deployment-ready, second-generation chipset capable of supporting both dedicated short-range communications and C-V2X direct communications at the highest security level.
Study Says U.S. Comes Up Short in EV Uptake 
The report by GoCompare, a financial-services-comparison website, finds only three of 30 International Energy Agency member countries rank below the U.S. in the number of cars per charging point.
JLR Measures Humans’ Trust in Autonomous Vehicles 
Engineers record trust levels in the pedestrian before and after the autonomous pod makes eye contact to find out whether it generates sufficient confidence that it would stop for them.
Australian Technology to Speed Hydrogen to Market 
CSIRO says its membrane technology has the potential to fill the gap in the technology chain to supply fuel-cell vehicles around the world with low-emissions hydrogen sourced from Australia.
Electric Taxis Arrive in Scottish Capital 
The TX is an extended-range electric vehicle with a range of up to 377 miles and a zero-emissions range of 81 miles.
Purdue to Coordinate Connected, Autonomous Vehicle Research 
The Innovation Hub will include multidisciplinary work covering fields including artificial intelligence, systems engineering, cybersecurity, machine learning, advanced sensing technology, human factors and public policy.
Ford, BMW, PSA Join to Demonstrate C-V2X Technology 
Ford says the demonstration showed the road safety and traffic efficiency benefits of using C-V2X for vehicle-to-vehicle collision avoidance, as well as vehicle-to-infrastructure connectivity to traffic signals and traffic management centers.
Aluminum Alloy Rivaling High-Strength Steel Created 
“We have created a very durable and lightweight aluminum alloy that is just as strong as, and possibly stronger than, stainless steel,” says Xinghang Zhang, a professor in Purdue University’s School of Materials Engineering.
VW Battery Research Moves Ahead on Two Fronts  1
VW researchers are working to simulate the chemical structure of a complete EV battery on a quantum computer with the aim of developing a “tailor-made battery” – a production-ready, configurable chemical blueprint.
Sharing Among Major Auto Industry Trends of 2030 
The PricewaterhouseCoopers report predicts the penetration of shared and autonomous mobility in China will happen faster than in the Western world. This could make China the leading market for the industry’s transformation.
EU Launching Ambitious Transportation Initiatives 
The proposals to modernize Europe’s transport system include an integrated policy for the future of road safety in the next decade, a plan for the development and manufacture of batteries and a strategy for connected and automated mobility.
Russian Auto Dealers, European Automakers Sign Pact
The memorandum of understanding signed by the Association of European Businesses and the Russian Automobile Dealers Assn. has the two groups developing good practices for each of their operations and combining them in a single document.
Engineers Make Better Battery in Microwave Oven
Making lithium-sulfur batteries good enough for commercial use runs parallel with efforts to reduce plastic in landfills, and Purdue University researchers say they have figured out a way to do just that.
Australia Extends Funding for Vehicle Safety Testing
The funding will help the Australasian New Car Assessment Program maintain its role in testing and assessing new cars, providing information for consumers about vehicle safety and general advocacy about safety on Australia’s roads.
New Zealand’s Socialist Government Mulls EV Aid
New Zealand’s Productivity Commission has called for a shift from fossil fuels to clean electricity to help reach the government's goal of net zero emissions by 2050. Climate Change Minister James Shaw says one way to achieve this is to make EVs more affordable.
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