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Alan writes about the auto industry in Australia and New Zealand, as well as other Asia/Pacific and emerging markets.

European Parliament Calls for AV Push 
The European Parliament says countries such as China and the U.S. are moving rapidly to make connected and automated mobility available on the market and the European Union needs to respond much faster to the developments.
Three CNG Tanks Stretch SEAT Leon’s Range 
The Leon TGI Evo has a gas capacity of 39 lbs., giving a range of 310 miles in CNG mode. With an automatic switch to gasoline the range is extended 93 miles.
Mitsubishi Dealership Runs on Renewable Energy 
The Futamatase Dendo Drive Station showroom’s system provides for the future reuse of EV and plug-in hybrid EV batteries that can be incorporated into a storage unit. It also draws on solar power.
Audi Hails Development of Flying Taxis 
Audi, working with its Italdesign subsidiary and Airbus, have developed a prototype they call Pop.Up Next as a flying taxi that combines a self-driving electric car with a passenger drone.
Autonomous-Vehicle Developers Put AI to Test 
For two weeks, Torc and its partner AAA Northern California, Nevada & Utah challenged Torc’s Asimov self-driving system in scenarios that included pedestrians, cyclists and animals at Ohio’s Transportation Research Center.
Volvo to Co-Develop Autonomous Cars for China 
Chinese internet search provider Baidu will contribute its Apollo autonomous-driving platform and Volvo will provide access to its expertise and advanced automotive technologies.
Volvo Cars Invests in EV Fast-Charging Specialist 
Volvo Cars says FreeWire’s charging stations use low-voltage power, allowing operators to use existing power outlets. Drivers get the benefits of fast charging without having to establish a high-voltage connection to the grid.
U.K. Auto Industry: Let Zero-Emission Target Stand 
Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders CEO Mike Hawes says the government’s 2040 target for banning sales of new gasoline and diesel vehicles already was extremely challenging, so an earlier deadline would be nigh on impossible.
Chinese Lidar Company Gets $45 Million in Funding 
The funding will be used to increase RoboSense’s market share and the R&D of autonomous-vehicle technologies, including its solid-state lidar, artificial-intelligence sensing algorithms and other advanced technologies.
Mazda Aims for 100% Electrification By 2030 
Mazda will develop two battery EVs, one powered solely by battery and another that pairs a battery with a newly developed range extender powered by the automaker’s small, lightweight rotary engine.
Geely-Proton JV Hires AI Speech-System Provider 
The JV plans to develop vehicles for sale in Southeast Asia, and the companies say it’s the first time any speech-recognition provider has built artificial-intelligence-powered speech systems specifically for the region.
PSA Deal Designed to Get Owners, Cars Talking 
The French automaker has signed a strategic partnership agreement with Silicon Valley start-up SoundHound, a leader in artificial-intelligence and natural-language voice recognition technology, to benefit the next generation of Groupe PSA vehicles.
Software Helps Cars Feel Their Way 
Tactile Mobility says 95% of data used by smart and autonomous vehicles is visual. However, to mimic and even surpass human driving capabilities, company founder and CTO Boaz Mizrachi says, these vehicles not only must see the road but also “feel” it.
Chip Maker Says It Has Harmonized V2X Systems 
Autotalks is launching what it calls the first global V2X solution, a deployment-ready, second-generation chipset capable of supporting both dedicated short-range communications and C-V2X direct communications at the highest security level.
Study Says U.S. Comes Up Short in EV Uptake 
The report by GoCompare, a financial-services-comparison website, finds only three of 30 International Energy Agency member countries rank below the U.S. in the number of cars per charging point.
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