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James covers General Motors and environmental and safety issues.

IBM Releases New Auto AI, Lights Up Black Box 
The new AI from IBM is combined with IBM Watson IoT, a digital assistant that leverages IBM’s powerful cloud computing to connect and manage data from devices such as a car, a piece of industrial equipment or an entire manufacturing facility.
2019 Chevy Silverado Tailor Fit, Chief Engineer Says 
With the big V-8s comprising the volume of Silverado sales and tightening fuel economy and carbon-dioxide emissions rules, the automaker likely will have to make greater fuel efficiency gains in the future.
CASE Driving Future Mobility, Consumer Trust Emerging Issue 
The changing customer is just one driver behind CASE, all-encompassing acronym for the four big changes awaiting the industry with future mobility.
Integrated Connectivity Critical to Future Mobility 
Industry consultant Manuela Papadopol suggests the industry gain a keener understanding of mesh networking, where nodes along a wireless network, such as cars and infrastructure and devices, connect to exchange data.
GM’s Fuel Cell Tech Gets Off the Ground, Literally 
The only exhaust from a fuel cell is low-grade heat, which has uses onboard the aircraft, and water that could be used several ways, including humidification and even flushing toilets.
Ford Sales Slip But Automaker Can’t Complain
The automaker delivered 235,429 light vehicles last month over 26 selling days, according to Wards Intelligence data, compared with 235,508 in the same period last year with 25 days to move the metal.
$3.35 Billion Infusion Catapults GM’s AV Work Forward 
SoftBank Vision Fund will invest $2.25 billion in GM Cruise, along with a $1.1 billion capital infusion from the automaker itself to mark the largest investments to date in self-driving cars.
GM: Design Studios Must Diversify for Future Mobility 
“As the world of an interior designer becomes less and less traditional, we need diverse thinking in this area and that will only come from a more diverse talent pool,” says Sharon Gauci, the automaker's industrial design chief.
Bosch Business Humming Amid Trade Talk Uncertainty
“China is an important part of an intricate, global supply chain,” Bosch USA President Michael Mansuetti says. “Tariffs will be a hurdle. Lower tariffs are always better. There is a lot of uncertainty.”
For Love of Cars Comes ’19 Volkswagen Jetta 1
The new Jetta may be slightly bigger, but it deftly navigates narrow streets choked with construction and the responsive turbo 4-cyl. enthusiastically tackles rolling hills, meandering state roads and wide-open interstates.
GM Drops New Turbo-4 Into Chevy Silverado 4
The redesigned Silverado will offer a 4-cyl. engine with cylinder deactivation – unimaginable in fullsize pickups not long ago – while V-8s also will benefit from a sophisticated new cylinder-deactivation technology.
Hyundai Kona Cabin Seismic Event for Compacts
WardsAuto judges were impressed by a lengthy list of advanced driver assistance items, user-friendly controls and a wonderful infotainment gateway, although they kept returning to the little car’s heaping helping of pizzazz.
Get Your Game On In Future GM Vehicles 3
The GM Innovation Group is a 2-year-old R&D unit where the mission is to re-imagine transportation with an eye 10 years down the road but sharply focused on fattening the bottom line.
GM Uses Cloud Computing, AI to Lighten Up 2
The technique provides GM with opportunities to reduce vehicle mass and consolidate parts it otherwise could not achieve through traditional design optimization methods, the automaker says.
New Jeep Wrangler Boosts FCA US Sales
FCA delivered 183,159 light vehicles over 24 selling days last month, compared with 174,829 over 26 days in the same period last year, according to Wards Intelligence data
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