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Dingolfing, Germany

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A new 4.8L, 360-hp V-8 replaces the 325-hp, 4.4L engine used in prior models. Among other changes, the active steering system is now offered as a standalone option, a start/stop button controls the ignition, the iDrive controller has been redesigned and has a leather insert and a Sirius satellite radio prep package is standard on all variants. Also, the stability control system has been updated with six new functions: Brake Fade Compensation automatically increases pressure as needed when the brake pads heat up; Brake Standby prepares the system for emergency braking if the driver’s foot is suddenly lifted from the accelerator; Brake Drying applies light pressure to the pads if wetness is detected; Comfort Stop gradually eases brake pressure as the car rolls to a stop to avoid any sudden jerk as the wheels stop rotating; Start-Off Assist keeps brake pressure applied on uphill starts in models with a manual gearbox and Modulated ABS provides smoother operation of the antilock function. All models are equipped with high-definition radio and a night-vision system is optional.

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