’09 Price Range

’08 Price Range

Body Styles
750i, 750Li 4-door sedan

Drive Configuration

4.4L Twin-Turbo V-8


Assembly Location
dual Dingolfing, Germany

What’s New for ’09

  • The 7-series is all new for ’09, and is powered by a new, all-aluminum 400-hp twin-turbo, direct-injected 4.4L V-8 with unique outboard intake and inboard exhaust valve configuration and valley-mounted turbochargers, mated to a 6-speed automatic, which is the only powertrain offered.
  • It rides on a multi-link, double-wishbone front suspension, with unique lateral set-up in the rear, both of which make extensive use of aluminum; the 750i features coil springs all around, while the long-wheelbase 750Li features standard rear air suspension.
  • Both models allow the driver to pick between four unique suspension settings, which modulate throttle response, transmission shift points, power steering assist, shock absorber firmness and the level of traction and stability control.
  • Aluminum is used extensively in the roof, doors, hood, front fenders, front spring towers, differential housing, front and rear suspension components and the engine block and heads.
  • Speed-sensitive rear-wheel steering is included in the available Sport package, which is a world-first, according to BMW, and works in conjunction with the variable-assist hydraulic front power steering.
  • It features BMW’s new, more user-friendly iDrive system, and also offers such safety features as a blind-spot monitoring system, lane-departure warning system, and rear bumper and mirror mounted camera systems.

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