Body Styles:
4-door hatchback

Drive Configuration:

1.8L I-4/electric motor


Assembly Location:
Kyushu, Japan

What’s New for ’11

  • The new 4-door hatchback is the first full hybrid vehicle in the premium compact segment and is the new gateway into the brand, according to Lexus.
  • It is powered by an Atkinson-cycle 1.8L 4-cyl., which is paired with an 80-hp 650-volt electric motor and a continuously variable transmission.
  • An exhaust heat reclamation system speeds engine warm-up, which enables the engine to switch off sooner, improving fuel economy, especially in cold temperatures
  • The car was designed to be easily dismantled, with applicable parts clearly identified to facilitate recycling. It also uses environmentally friendly materials, including bio-plastic door panels and bamboo-charcoal resin speaker cones.
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