Acura ILX ($32,810)
It’s hard taking a compact car (Honda Civic) that’s lost its luster over the years and dress it up for a luxury showroom.

Acura TLX ($35,920)
Two display screens in the center stack are visually overwhelming. Time for a new vision, Acura.

Alfa Romeo 4C ($64,445)
This is a track car that’s fun to drive. But as interiors go, it’s no Italian supermodel. And it’s really loud inside.

BMW i3 ($52,550)
Suicide doors can be awkward, but BMW shows they are worth doing. Hail to the hatchback!

BMW i8 ($141,650)
Inside and out, lush, sensuous and an absolute head-turner. Love the Bavarian blue seatbelts.

Cadillac Escalade ($94,565)
Power folding seats are cool, but a large SUV approaching six figures needs a third row usable by adults.

Chevrolet Colorado ($36,710)
Seats, dash and carpet all look and feel durable. But 50 shades of gray make for a monotone work-truck feel.

Chevrolet Trax ($23,815)
Good package for the money, but much of this interior was seen two years ago in award-winning Spark.

Chrysler 300C ($51,175)
Expensive, but excellent value. Thanks for all the info, but do I really need to know transmission fluid temp?

Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat ($65,870)
Powertrain aside, if interior quality could be measured in horsepower, the reading would be 707.

Dodge Charger ($37,470)
A well-equipped bargain with distinctive styling, spectacular seats. Love the double shelf in glovebox.