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Alan Harman


Alan writes about the auto industry in Australia and New Zealand, as well as other Asia/Pacific and emerging markets.

Trial Shows Smart Charging Eases EV Pressure on Grid 
The trial showed smart charging, combined with time-of-use electricity tariffs, can help manage EVs’ potential impacts on the domestic electricity network and save EV drivers money.
Wheel Reinvented, Israeli Startup Claims 
REE’s technology places the motor, steering, suspension, drivetrain, sensing, brakes, thermal systems and electronics into the wheel, creating a truly flat platform.
Hyundai Technology Fine-Tunes Valve Timing 
Hyundai’s continuously variable valve duration engine technology adjusts how long a valve is open based on driving conditions.
Toyota Australia Extends Mirai FCEV Trials 
The Mirai FCEVs will be refueled using a mobile hydrogen refueler at Toyota Australia’s former manufacturing site in Altona in suburban Melbourne.
Volkswagen, Swedish Battery Maker Partnering 
The Northvolt deal is tied to VW’s acceleration of its EV program, which aims to boost its electric lineup up to 70 models within 10 years.
Volvo, Uber Announce Self-Driving Production Car 
The companies say the Volvo XC90 SUV is the first production car that, in combination with Uber’s self-driving system, is capable of fully driving itself.
Hyundai, Kia Ink Development Deal With AV Startup 
The undisclosed Hyundai investment will strengthen the partnership they formed last year that sees Hyundai, Kia and Aurora collaborating on self-driving technologies for the Nexo, Hyundai’s flagship fuel-cell vehicle.
Researchers Pursuing More Robust EV Batteries 
A battery electrode has millions of particles, but researchers now can analyze them more thoroughly than they could before – and at the various operating conditions in which commercial batteries are used in the real world.
Hyundai Weight Sensors Aid EV Efficiency  1
Mo Yang of Hyundai’s Eco-Technology Performance Development Group says the system uses acceleration sensors to optimize the EV’s settings based on current gross weight estimate.
Volvo Inks Battery-Supply Deals With CATL, LG Chem 
Volvo Cars President and CEO Håkan Samuelsson says CATL and LG Chem meet the automaker’s strict sourcing guidelines.
Hyundai to Develop High-Performance EVs 
Hyundai, Kia and Rimac Automobili will work to develop prototypes for an electric version of Hyundai Motor’s N brand mid-engine sports concept car and a high-performance fuel-cell EV.
Audi Factory Vehicles Using Recycled EV Batteries 
The automaker is required to take back Li-ion batteries after they have been used in cars. It wants to see if it can convert its entire fleet of factory vehicles, including forklifts and tow tractors, to use the batteries at its 16 global production sites.
Process Could Bypass China as Rare Earths Source 
Rare earths are chemically similar elements that include neodymium, used to make magnets for hybrid cars, and cerium, used in catalytic converters in cars. A shortage of rare earth element production in the U.S. leaves its energy security at risk.
Test Program Seeks Truth in Green Claims 
The European New Car Assessment Program runs the operation, which aims to promote cars that are less polluting and more fuel- and energy-efficient by providing consumers with independent information about cars’ performance.
Infrastructure Key to 5G Technology’s Advance 
Pedestrians, cyclists and motorcycle drivers account for almost half of all traffic-related fatalities in Spain and international 5G automotive associations say the technology could reduce accidents 68%.
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