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Bob Gritzinger

Industry Analyst,
Wards Intelligence

Bob Gritzinger covers Propulsion & Technology: Engines, transmissions and drivetrains and related electrified systems such as electric vehicles, hybrids and fuel-cell vehicles. 

Powertrain Survey Predicts Rise of EVs 
The Automotive Futures Powertrain Survey for the 21st Century predicts electrified vehicles will ramp up significantly in the coming decade.
ZF Deal Fortifies FCA’s PHEV Plans 
A large percentage of FCA’s lineup – all its rear- and all-wheel-drive vehicles with front-engine longitudinal drivetrain layouts – could employ ZF’s hybrid 8-speed automatic transmission.
Outlook Q2 2019: The Downsides of Downsizing - Small-Displacement, Direct-Injected Turbocharged Engines 
Attendees and Outlook subscribers, download this presentation and video from the June 6 Wards Intelligence Outlook Conference, Q2 2019.
No Blackwing V-8 for Track-Ready V-Series Cadillac CT5 
Cadillac met underwhelming response to its mid-performance V-Series CT4 and CT5 models, but followed up with a surprise reveal of track-ready, high-output versions.
Wards Intelligence, Automotive Futures, Put Focus on Powertrains 
The second decade of the Powertrain Survey for the 21st Century gets under way this week.
Ford Hypes Hybrids 
Ford is back in the hybrid business in a big way, offering all-new systems designed to electrify many of the vehicles it will launch between now and 2022.
No Sticker Shock: EPA Says Label Provides Close MPG Estimate 
EPA fuel-economy ratings are valuable tools for the car-buying public, providing reasonably close estimates of real-world consumption.
American Axle’s Electrified Growth 
A second automaker will add American Axle’s electrified axle next year while a fifth customer will join OEMs offering the Detroit-based supplier’s disconnecting AWD.
No Simple Solutions for Preignition and Superknock 
Experts agree there’s a problem with low-speed preignition in small-displacement, boosted engines, but they lack a consensus on a solution.
‘Superknock’ Leads List of Engine Downsizing Downsides 
Small-displacement, direct-injected turbocharged engines are all the rage when it comes to improving fuel efficiency without sacrificing performance. But the punchy diminutive powerplants also come with some tough engineering challenges.
GM Invests in EV Future 
General Motors grows its EV future with a $300 million investment in its plant in Orion Township, MI, where the automaker will add production of a second Chevrolet EV alongside the Bolt EV.
Volvo Pushes Ever More EV Power 
A 48V starter-generator system is the next play for Volvo as it takes steps toward its goal of electrifying all its vehicles by 2025.
BorgWarner Turbo Boosts 2019 GM Pickups 
Turbochargers are becoming commonplace in light-duty applications, but BorgWarner’s unique dual-volute unit gives General Motors’ new 4-cyl. pickup engine an edge.
Ford Reconsiders Level 3 Autonomy 
Ford appears to be changing gears when it comes to adopting Level 3, part-time autonomous-driving capability into vehicles. The Dearborn automaker had planned to skip that step en route to offering a fully autonomous Level 4 vehicle by 2021.
Continental Concepts Focus on Safety 
German supplier Continental rolls out its latest ideas, concepts and prototypes that could catch on with automakers striving for safety and zero accidents.
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