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Valeo’s Remote-Control Solution for Conflicted Autonomous Vehicles 
In the early days of automated driving, AVs are likely to freeze up as they encounter traffic situations they don’t know how to resolve. French automotive supplier Valeo says its Drive 4U Remote could be the answer to getting them moving again.
Aptiv Refines Autonomous-Vehicle Tech, Eyes Path to Commercialization 
A recent test drive in an Aptiv autonomous vehicle is a largely uneventful one. The car even makes a couple of the more difficult maneuvers: a left turn at a major intersection with oncoming traffic and a U-turn on a divided street.
Platooning May Be Wrong Path for Autonomous Trucks 
Daimler officials reveal platooning hasn’t delivered the fuel savings expected in real-world testing, and the truck maker appears to be turning its attention away from the concept.
Century-Old ZF on Path to Reinvention 
A manufacturer largely of mechanical components such as vehicle transmissions, axles and other hard parts throughout its 103-year history, ZF is evolving into a company focused on sensors, software and computing power under CEO Wolf-Henning Scheider.
VW’s MEB Battery Pack Designed With Future in Mind 
The automaker expects two more performance jumps using more conventional Li-ion chemistries between now and 2025, with solid-state battery technology becoming commercially viable around 2030.
VW Says Room for More Brands in U.S. Midsize Pickup Market 
Midsize pickups are evolving from strictly work trucks to more lifestyle-oriented models, creating an opening that Volkswagen ultimately will step into. Exactly when and with what remains unclear.
Unity Says VR Game-Development Tool Lowers Cost, Speeds Prototyping 
The company’s 3D development platform is behind the software that drives more than 3 billion devices, including half the mobile games available worldwide. Now it’s being used to take the time and cost out of HMI prototyping.
Optimus Ride Ready to Deploy Autonomous Shuttles 
The developer says use of NVIDIA’s powerful Xavier microprocessor will allow its autonomous-vehicle technology to be scaled and deployed globally.
Electrify America, Envoy Team Up on EV-Sharing, Charging Scheme 
As part of EA’s Green City initiative, Envoy Technologies is putting more than 20 e-Golfs into service at some 10 multi-family residential properties in Sacramento.
Finnish Firm’s Design Tools Help Provide the Flash, Function for In-Car Displays 
Rightware says its Kanzi UI development software allows engineers to make changes on a PC and see the results instantly on the prototype hardware, maximizing design creativity.
More to Autonomous Vehicles Than Just the Vehicles 
City planning will be as important as technology development in creating the transportation future, says a top Ford executive.
Electrify America to Change Charging Landscape in U.S. 
The operation, birthed by Volkswagen’s diesel-emission scandal, will invest $2 billion in a U.S. public ultra-fast-charging network over the next decade. But its ambitions don’t end there.
E-Tron First Volley in Audi’s Big Shift to Electrification 
The automaker is planning 10 battery-electric vehicles by 2025, a number of plug-in hybrids and mild hybridization of almost everything else.
Chip Maker Sees Opportunity As Automakers Seek Autonomous-Vehicle Brand Character 
A year or two ago it seemed most OEMs were in lockstep along a single path toward the autonomous vehicle and relying heavily on suppliers for its key technologies. Not any more, says silicon supplier Xilinx.
Industry Megatrends Driving Brose R&D 
The German supplier is building a technology portfolio aimed at electric and autonomous vehicles but with an eye toward nearer-term monetization opportunities in luxury cars.
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