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Sarah Petit

Wards Intelligence

Sarah tracks vehicle production and other global data trends.

World Vehicle Sales Fell 6.6% in May 
Sales in China continued to dive, while many other markets saw improvement and sales in the U.S. were flat.
World Vehicle Sales Down 6.4% in April 
Losses were posted by every region, extending an eight-month stretch of global decline from last-year’s record highs.
World Vehicle Sales Down 4.0% in March 
Sales slowed in nearly every market around the globe compared to last year’s record totals.
World Vehicle Sales Down 5.1% in February 
Though several big markets saw moderate growth, sales were down in most of the world.
North America Light-Vehicle Production Down 4.2% in February 
Production slowed across the region to align with weak sales.
World Vehicle Sales Fell 7.8% in January 
Continuing 2018’s downward trend, sales declined across the globe.
North America Light-Vehicle Production Down 0.1% in January 
Many assembly plants in Mexico saw growth, while much of the U.S. and Canada slowed.
World Vehicle Sales Down 0.3% in 2018 
A second-half slowdown cut 2018 vehicle sales to below the prior year.
North America Light-Vehicle Production Down 0.5% in 2018 
The tumultuous year ended nearly flat with year-ago, though Canada saw a significant slowdown.
World Vehicle Sales Fell 7.1% in November 
It was a slow month around the globe, though most countries still were ahead year-to-date.
North America Light-Vehicle Production Down 1.2% in November 
Canada production fell sharply, while the U.S. was flat and Mexico saw growth.
World Vehicle Population Up 4.1% in 2017 
Soaring growth in China accounted for much of the global growth, though mature markets maintained moderate growth.
World Vehicle Sales Down 3.3% in October 
Government regulations and incentives had a strong impact in several markets and the soaring demand in China started to cool.
North America Light-Vehicle Production Up 6.2% in October 
Results were mixed across the region, with some plants slowing production while others ramped up for the end of the year.
World Vehicle Sales Down 10.2% in September 
Sales were slow around the world but particularly in China and the European Union.
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