Dealerskins, a automotive dealer web-services provider, says that the inventory and Redline performance content on its dealers' websites are now accessible through mobile devices, such as iPhone, BlackBerry and Palm Treo.

The firm says it makes it more convenient for car shoppers to look for vehicles while on the move.

With nearly one in every six mobile subscribers using their devices to access the Internet, Dealerskins says it saw an opportunity for automotive dealers and has made their websites easy to view on those mobile devices.

All Dealerskins websites now include code that detects when the site is being accessed by a mobile device and automatically takes the user to a page optimized for mobile devices. From there, visitors can browse inventory or vehicle data, including interior and exterior colors, safety information, performance and warranty information.

Auto shoppers also have the ability to submit their contact information using their mobile devices.

“Through a variety of smart-tech solutions, this rollout of our new mobile platform allows us to direct mobile users to our customers' inventory with speed and accuracy,” says Jason Ezell, founder of Dealerskins. “It also enhances the lead volume for all our customers. We are very excited about this outcome.”

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