General Motors Corp. is launching a collaborative effort with Cleanfuel U.S.A. and Meijer Inc. aimed at establishing some 20 new E85 ethanol fueling stations in southeast Michigan to accommodate the growing number of flexible-fuel vehicles on the road.

The partnership is part of a push by GM and the Governors’ Ethanol Coalition to increase awareness of ethanol and flexible-fuel vehicles and to promote the use of the clean-burning fuel as a renewable alternative to gasoline, the auto maker says.

GM has undertaken similar collaborative efforts in California, Illinois, South Dakota and Texas.

Under the agreement, a new E85 station will open in Jackson, MI, this week. Over the next few months, the three companies will identify additional retail locations in Lansing, Grand Rapids, Warren, Pontiac, Detroit, Rochester and Brighton.

GM says Michigan is home to the largest concentration of GM E85 flexible-fuel vehicles in the country, while also being the 11th largest ethanol producer in the U.S.

Cleanfuel is a Georgetown, TX-based manufacturer of alternative-fuel dispensing equipment. Meijer owns and operates more than 170 retail stores throughout the Midwest, many of which feature Meijer-branded gasoline stations onsite.